Package Rose petals


This package has been designed for the woman who immediately wants a silky smooth skin. The properties of the products combined with the heat of the treatments combine a psychophysical relaxation.

– A body exfoliation based on honey to give a double result: nourishing and smoothing as well as having a visible effect of softness on the skin; (duration 40 minutes)

– A Candle Massage, a massage with shea butter, Jojoba oil and palm butter dissolved by the candle, for a soft effect and a perfumed skin; (50 minutes duration)

– A face treatment, relaxing and regenerating with functional substances at high concentration for a fresh and luminous skin; (duration 60 minutes)

In the package you will also be included a small moment of relaxation to enjoy a pleasant herbal tea depending on the season.

Total duration of treatments: 150 minutes

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