This structure is useful to be able to cool after sessions in the hot facilities ie turkish bath, bio-sauna and Finnish sauna. The use of ice allows a vessel-constriction of blood vessels and therefore helps the body to return to its natural temperature.

Finnish Sauna

One of the main benefits of the sauna we have the acceleration of metabolism, the purification of toxins, normalization of blood pressure and the mental and physical relaxation.
Our advice is to alternate between hot and cold phases. The change in temperature, in fact, produces a huge benefit to the whole body, giving energy, purifying the skin and stimulating detoxifying action.


The strong heat and a gentle steam with natural essences stimulate the respiratory tract and the immune system. The effect will be ‘to a relaxing and rejuvenating effect on the entire body-mind-spirit.

Turkish bath

The hot steam penetrates the tissues by increasing blood circulation to all organs and begins a process so healthy and beneficial.

Revitalizing showers

The revitalizing shower eases tension, helps relaxation and, thanks to the natural aroma and chromo-therapy takes you into a dimension where body and spirit come together in order to create a feeling of balance and well-being.


The contrast of hot and cold on the skin produces a stimulating effect on the whole body. The circulation is stimulated, it strengthens the immune system and the nervous system stabilizes. The body becomes more energetic and strong, leaving a feeling of vigor in the long term.

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