Package Arnica


This package has been designed for men who must relax muscular tensions through firm pressure. With natural products and extracts of beneficial plants such as arnica and St. John’s wort we infuse deep myofascial wellbeing.
– A body exfoliation performed with arnica oil and salt to oxygenate the tissues and reactivate the circulation. Excellent after a day of sport; (duration 40 minutes)

– A Myofascial Massage to relieve tensions and relax the muscles giving a sensation of deep relaxation through the dexterity and warmth of the warm pads, based on rosemary, arnica and lavender for a regenerating effect on the tissues; (duration 80 minutes)

– An Intensive Homme Face Treatment suitable to awaken the face of Man, with functional exfoliating and moisturizing substances; (30 minutes duration)
In the package you will also be included a small moment of relaxation to enjoy a pleasant seasonal flavored herbal tea.

Total duration of treatments: 150 minutes

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