Total Body Thai Massage


The Thai massage recalls the purest art of the massage itself.
In fact, it works in a personalized way, with deep and heartfelt stretching maneuvers, focused on loosening the muscles and making them more elastic.
In the ancient Buddhist tradition, these techniques were used on a therapeutic level in order to rebalance the body at an energetic level.
Our Operators, specialized in the knowledge of the most ancient skills learned in Thailand, will transport you into a dimension of well-being between mind, body and spirit.
Since the massage implements specific muscle relaxation maneuvers, we would like to point out to our kind guests that it is not suitable for everyone: like any holistic treatment, people who do not reflect a current state of health that are completely healthy are excluded.

Since Traditional Thai Massage is an art that works without the aid of products, we recommend that our guests combine a specific massage with oil for a greater effect of relaxation and muscle relaxation.

Duration 60 minutes

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